Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai

Ly Son island, Quang Ngai
Ly Son island, Quang Ngai

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General introduction of Ly Son Island

With many historical and cultural relics and fascinating tourist areas, the 10-square-kilometer Ly Son Island in the central province of Quang Ngai is an amazing tourist attraction.

From Quang Ngai Province, Ly Son Island can be reached by trains from Sa Ky fishing port at 8 a.m. every morning. The island is distinguished for its vast garlic fields with a pungent aroma. That explains why Ly Son is called the kingdom of garlic.

Natural features and famous places of Ly Son island

The island has a diverse ecosystem. It has five mountains, namely Thoi Loi, Gieng Tien, Hon Vung, Hon Soi and Hoi Tai. The magnificent mountains entice tourists by mysterious caves, imposing waterfalls, splendid rivers and lakes.

The mountainsides covered with green cornfields are studded with old, charming ruong houses.  Along the mountains are stunning beaches full of colorful rocks, pebbles and corals.

Nestled in the Thoi Li Mountain is the Hang Pagoda, a peaceful sanctuary with ancient architecture surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Hang pagoda, Ly Son island
Hang pagoda, Ly Son island

Not only accommodating various valuable historical and cultural relics, the Ly Son Island also embraces legends associated with many folk and traditional festivals such as Tet (Vietnam’s new year), boat race, hat boi (traditional Vietnamese opera), fish worshipping, and especially ceremonies to pay homage to solders who died in battles in Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) islands.

The island is also considered a living museum for Hoang Sa’s artifacts.  An Vinh Temple worships ancestors who explored and reclaimed the land four centuries ago.   It also hosts offering ceremony to marine soldiers who sacrificed their lives in missions on the East Sea and an offering ceremony for the souls of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa soldiers in the third lunar month every year.

Ly Son island, Quang Ngai
Ly Son island, Quang Ngai

The island has a 374-square-meter museum displaying more than 1,000 documents, photos and artifacts associated with the heroic Hoang Sa and Truong Sa troops. The island also holds a cemetery for the late Hoang Sa soldiers.

Many artifacts of Sa Huynh and Cham Cultures were discovered on Ly Son Island. The Thien Yana and old ruong houses are evidence for Sa Huynh and Cham’s ancient civilizations.

Ly Son can be reached by train from Sa Ky fishing port, about 20km away.

In Ly Son, power is available once every two nights from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. In the summer, tourists can camp on the beach to experience nature.